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Candles - by the pound

Candles - by the pound

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Pure beeswax candles, hand made


100% Beeswax, NEVER any paraffin!

It is not without reason that our candles have been called the finest beeswax candles available. We have earned this reputation by assiduous attention to the quality and integrity of our wax products.

Astonishingly, bees produce wax directly from their own bodies and use it to seal each cell of the honeycombs in the hive. This wax seal is commonly referred to as "cappings" and, characteristic of hives in the Midwest, is lemon-yellow to gold in color. Mt. Sinai's beekeepers employ an old-style process to remove the honey from the honeycomb, allowing for the retention of the original fragrance and color of the wax. Additionally, Mt. Sinai uses only the finest-quality braided cotton wicking for its candles.

One price - $12 per Lb.

All candles are the same price. Don't be forced into "boxes" or "cases" of candles. Buy exactly what you need in one pound increments. Mix and match!

Some candle makers choose to sell their candles by the box rather than by the pound. A few have even implied that candles sold by the pound is in some way misleading. Imagine buying apples this way, a store has 5 large apples for a certain price and 5 smaller apples of the same variety for the same price, which would you buy? In the same vein, a candle maker who sells a box of 1000 candles for a set price can undersize those candles slightly, just enough to save some beeswax. When you buy candles by the pound, regardless of size, a pound is a pound, you always get what you pay for.

Because our candles are not made by pouring melted wax into a mold, but by repeated dipping, all diameters and lengths are approximate.

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