About Us

Mt. Sinai Orthodox Church Products was founded in 1993. In our over 20 years our name has become synonymous with the finest quality and authenticity in candle production. This is vital to the unwavering standard on which Mt. Sinai was founded.

We accept payments via PayPal shopping cart. Those not familiar with PayPal often assume that they need become a PayPal member to make a payment. Fortunately for those who would prefer to not open an account with PayPal, payment can be made without doing so. PayPal is merely a Merchant Account provider allowing us to process credit cards. It is no different than any of the myriad other merchant account providers used by countless other websites.

For established customers and churches, we also accept checks. Likewise, for those who refuse to use PayPal, we can also process credit cards directly. Both of these methods require more time and processing however and we strongly encourage using our PayPal Cart system. If you insist on either of these methods please simply drop us an email and we will provide instructions.

Your credit card statement will read either orthodoxysupply.com or Praxis Inc.

We only accept returns with pre-approval.

Orders under 1lb will be charged a flat rate of $5. All orders 1lb and over will be charged a flat rate of $10. We ship most small domestic orders via USPS. Most orders over 3+lbs. typically ship UPS. Please be sure you provide the correct shipping address at checkout. Registered PayPal members, this applies especially to you!